Idaho Trails Association – North Fork Lick Creek (Day 4), Payette National Forest, Idaho

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By Day 4, we had cleared the trail over 2 miles above Base Camp so a good long warm up hike was required to reach the next work section. The day before we had left all the tools up the trail so it was nice not carrying those.

High ho, High ho, its off to work we go!

We found our tools and further up we went.

Near the end of our work section for the week, the canyon opens up a bit into some nice meadows.

Our last task was to link our work section with the one Art’s crew had completed last year. This section which was only about 200 yards long was completely gone. After a few minutes of investigation, we found evidence of the old tread, in this case a painted trail blaze.

We marked and cleared the connection and BOOM, we were done. Time to return back at base camp.

It’s a nice feeling to walk back on several miles of newly cleared trail.

What is this? While we were up the canyon, a tree had fallen across the trail. Art had previously marked this tree with tape as being potentially dangerous. He was right! A few minutes later, the trail was again open top to bottom.

A couple more shots of the canyon views.

Tomorrow, the finale of the ITA in the NFLC!

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