Idaho Trails Association – North Fork Lick Creek (Day 3) , Payette National Forest, Idaho

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On the morning of Day 3, the sun filters it’s way to the valley floor.

This is how Art keeps bears out of his shelter. As a bonus, it is effective on humans too!

Soon we are working our way back up the trail above base camp.

By this time, Ryan and Sienna are bucksaw pros!

You can always tell a pro bucksawer by the way they act after the cut!

Job security!

Modern day lumber jacks!

The farther we moved up the canyon the more beautiful the views.

This summit rock has a unique feature…..

This blow up shows the holes in the rock!

On this day, while we had been working up the trial, we had heard a giant rock slide. On the way down we found several locations where the rocks had hit the trail and in this case the trunk of a tree.

Day 4 coming soon!

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