Idaho Trails Association – North Fork Lick Creek (Day 2), Payette National Forest, Idaho

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We woke up Day 2 to a beautiful morning. The sun was shining high on the canyon walls but it took a bit to reach the bottom.

Our mighty co-leader Art gave us all safety and trail maintenance directions. “Go that way!” You might notice that the trail in this canyon is not heavily used. As I said yesterday, close in and remote at the same time.

Sienna and Ryan were soon working on their first saw cut. They were part of my team and were very hard workers.

Posing for the camera after their first saw cut! I wonder if they will still be this happy after doing 100 of these?

As we were walking down the trail, Art’s team was taking one of their frequent breaks!

Meanwhile…… before and after or rather during and after.

Both teams came together for lunch.

Bear Grass!

After a long day of cutting and clearing, we came to this monster. Art seemed determined to cut it out but the rest of us were cooked! We all voted and Art lost, we saved this one for tomorrow!

More to come soon from the ITA at the NFLC

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