Idaho Trails Association – North Fork of Lick Creek (Day 1), Payette National Forest, Idaho

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It’s time for another ITA trail project, this time up into the North Fork of Lick Creek. I would describe this area as one of the most close in remote areas that Idaho has to offer.

Getting into the basin is a TOUGH 2000 foot climb.

We did however, have some help from Carl and Eileen and their pack goats!

Here comes the trail work! Before and after.

Once we arrived into the North Fork Lick Creek Basin, a creek crossing was required.

One goat followed Carl right across, a couple reluctantly cross by themselves, and this one, Mario I believe needed some heavy encouragement by Eileen.

No encouragement needed for Cindy! I wonder why her nickname is “Cindy Lopper”?

After a goodly amount of time, we found a nice camp site in one of the meadows. We set up base camp and settled in for the evening.

It turns out that Art worked at a shoe store in a former life….. Who knew?

Y’all come back soon for more ITA – NFLC adventures!

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