Lick Creek Summit, Valley County, Idaho

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Summer is upon us!!! That means that backpacking season is also upon us! I wanted to go check out the road over Lick Creek Summit to see what kind of access we will have to backcountry trailheads. I jumped on my bike and off I went. I didn’t make it very far and needed to stop to shoot this sea of wildflowers!

After grinding up the road for a goodly amount of time, I ran into the road grader who had just finished opening the pass. Notice the big “V” plow on the front.

Boom! The approach to Lick Creek Summit……

I dropped down the other side just a bit to look at our backpacking access. Tommy and I have a trip planned for next week and need to get across this pass.

Hum Saddle! Looks good enough for me! We shall return!

As I went back up and over the sloppy summit and descended back to McCall, I was forced to stop and shoot a couple of my favorite peaks…… First, Sawtooth Peak, check it out here.

And finally, Beaverdam Peak which I climbed twice last year, check it out here and here.

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