After our hike day yesterday, it was back on the bike for some serious riding today. At the start, Nicole demonstrates the proper greek toast.

On with the triangles and off we go!

Larry makes an early attack and he was the first triangle off the front!

Backroads ants marching down the mountain to the sea.

Can you say switchbacks?

More switchbacks, don’t over-cook this one!

Next, we stopped near the sea to do a backroads photo shoot. Our diverse group of models posed in hopes to make the backroads catalog. At the end of each year, Backroads has a photo contest and we were hoping to submit a picture. Out of the six images below, please use the comment section at the bottom of this post to vote for our submission. (You can click on the picture to blow it up.)

Now, back to the serious photography and cycling.

It was soon time to start the major climb for the day.

No wind and fairly hot today!

Near the top, the small village of Skinias.

We could see Mount Spathi again, you may remember it from yesterday.

This image reminds me of one I took in Chile a few years back, see that in this blog. (It is the fourth image in that blog.)

Descending near the village of Kastelli which we rode through a couple days ago.

Over the hill and it is down into the Village of Elounda for lunch.

It can be hard to drive ones bicycle sometimes with these great views.

After lunch, Larry and I opted for the adventure route.

Larry is obviously not familiar with my reputation for adventure rides back in Idaho!

Taking a seaside break with my trusty Backroads Steed.

Finally one last image for the day from the island of Kalydon looking back at Elounda. Transfer day coming tomorrow! Stay tuned!

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