Well, Plaka is a paradise! I give you sunrise as evidence.

Words and images really can’t do this experience justice!

This is the island of Kalydon, more on this later.

The moment of sunrise, May 16h 2022!

Zoom Zoom Zoom!

At 46 images, this post breaks a record for the longest in Davefaitlemonde history. After breakfast, we headed inland a bit for a visit to some ruins and then a nice hike.

Groupo Compacto for the beginning of the adventure into these 2500 year old ruins.

It is always amazing to see signs of man which are this old.

In the distance, the East end of Crete.

This old city had quite a nice view of the Mediterranean Sea.

You know I like to shoot trees.

This little guy has got a long tough life ahead. Not a great spot to prosper as a tree.

Now we were off for the hiking portion of the day. We started walking through this olive orchard.

Next, we descend into this canyon with what I believe is called Mt Spathi looming above. The John in me wanted to go up but the tour said I needed to go down.

We entered a very cool rocky slot canyon.

This is a wolverine’s natural habitat!

Danny and Nicole!

Luckily these rock cairns helped guide the way in the bottom of the canyon…..

Our third guide on this trip is Georgios, he is a Crete local and knows the area very well.

Very interesting colors and trees. Notice Gerogios in the bottom to give you some perspective.

This canyon starts to get toight, like a toiger!

And more colorful.

Now it’s time for some rock climbing.

Another wolverine sighting.

More rock climbing.

This is probably not a great place to be during a big thunderstorm.

Nicole making some rock moves.

Finally, we emerged in the small town of Kritsa where the obstacles included this railroad crossing.

Kritsa Church.

Kritsa Flowers.

While having lunch we made friends with this mamma kitty…..

She actually was not that friendly but very hungry.

She was pretty cute though.

Finally, we headed back to our hotel for the next leg of our adventure. A boat ride over to the Island of Kalydon to visit the ruins there.

Turns out this was a fort built by the Venetians and was later converted into a leper colony which did not close until about 1950.

More trees!

Pretty desert flowers.

More trees and another damn wolverine!

Finally, the entry to the leper colony which they called Donte’s Gate. More to come from Crete, stay tuned!

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