Chania to Plaka, Greece

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It’s time to enter the Backroads Bubble. After a fairly long transfer, we arrived in the small village of Nikithianos where we had lunch and met up with our bikes and the rest of our crew for the week.

Our guides…… Morgane and Kate….. would they be up for the job this week??? We are a pretty rowdy bunch!

Soon we strapped on our orange triangles and we were off riding in the Greek Countryside. As Danny rode by I overheard him asking if this triangle made his ass look big?

Of course the old water resource engineer in me could not help but notice the watering system for the olive trees.

After a warm up loop around this valley, we were on the switchback climb.

My trusty steed for the week.

Below, Danny and Nicole were the only ones to ride near me and as a result, they are in the bulk of my photos. I miss Ruby!!

Greek guard rail.

Danny and Nicole on the next switchback.

….and the next one.

Now, a combo shot, Danny, Nicole, and the guardrail!

Larry seems to always be attacking his wife Mary Ellen. He also seems not able to drop her!

I don’t have a greek keyboard so it is not possible to type the name of this greek church…. but it was pretty.

Soon we were at the top of the climb and headed down to the coast again where our hotel awaits.

My steed posing again with the Mediterranean Sea in the background.

Jill dropping into the town of Plaka…. if only the sea was a little bluer. Yes, the sea was really that blue!

More fun coming tomorrow when we head out for a hike.

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