Frankfurt, Germany to Chania, Greece

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Transfer day, one last image of Frankfurt from our hotel room at the Hilton……

After a pretty brutal transfer which started at about 1:30 am, we arrived at our new location here in Chania. It’s a totally different vibe here and a major shift of gears!

Time for some deep R & R! The last few days has been a shock to the system with the jet lag and early morning….. I’m pretty tired and ready to chill…… So that’s what’s going to happen! The Greece adventures start tomorrow!

4 Replies to “Frankfurt, Germany to Chania, Greece”

  1. That’s a great photo from your room in the Hilton. For about a decade, my office was in that street, the Hochstraße, about two blocks down from where the Hilton is now. Actually, I was against letting the Hilton build there, because that was the site of an indoor swimming pool where I often swam laps either before work or on my lunch hour. To get its building permit, the Hilton had to promise to build a new indoor pool and open it to the public on certain hours — which it did, but swimming there turned out to be more expensive and the hours were too restricted to be of much use to me.


    1. Thanks for the comments Don, what a cool city. I can’t believe how modern Frankfurt feels, quite different than most European cities. I guess that all makes sense now after visiting. I didn’t have time to swim but I loved the view from that room. Stunning!!!!

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      1. That is a great blog post! The funny thing about tall buildings is that they make my knees shaky! I can climb and stand on top of some of the tallest peaks in Idaho, no problem, but I am not fond of observation decks on high rises! Cheers!

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