After a long travel day, we took a nap or two and headed into the City of Chania. Chania is an ancient Cretan Village and we took a tour of the “Old City”.

Small streets, quaint shops, and restaurants abound! On the left, a tower from the old city wall, on the right, the restaurants preparing for the evening dinner.


This old church is a great example of the historical influences of the area. In the middle, a Greek Orthodox Church…. Conquered by the Ottoman Empire, no problem, add the tower on the right and it becomes a mosque, later conquered by the christians, add a bell tower and voila, christian church!

After a nice stroll, we are at the city’s old Venetian Port of Chania, yes, even the Venetians took a crack at occupying this part of Crete.

I refer to this as “AT” (Alternate Transportation). I’m guessing someone who lives on a boat down here uses this bike as their land transportation.

Sunset is approaching, time to step up the photography!

Nicole and Danny humored me and struck a pose. Ruby wasn’t here so I needed to recruit some models and honestly, Ruby does a much better job!

A view of Chania from the harbor seawall. Snowcapped mountains and historical buildings are plentiful around the water. Crete is a much larger island than you might expect. Our tour guide said there are 52 peaks over 2000 meter in height. My “John Influence” makes me want to climb every one of them!

Lots of tour boats in the harbor, during the summer, this area is apparently run over by tourists. As our guide said, “This City has been conquered by a modern day outsider, Air BnB.

The lighthouse guarding the harbor apparently has Egyptian influences….. Yup, the Egyptians took a wack at Crete as well.

In the foreground, the Isle Agii Theodori. A protected reserve where over 2000 wild goats live. Not too baaaaaaad!

The following is a series of sunset photos.

Harbor Entrance.

Western edge of the harbor with more shops and restaurants along the water.

One final shot and it is off to dinner. More to come soon!

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