Idaho Trails Association – Sheep Creek (Conclusion), Gospel Hump Wilderness, Idaho

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Okay, maybe I oversold the excitement of this trip’s conclusion yesterday…. We were up early this morning and hoping that the 40 percent chance of rain was not actually 100 percent. Packing up a wet camp is never fun.

The rain held off mostly and we were able to stage our camp gear on the beach in advance of our Jet Boat ride back to civilization.

Buck from Mackey Bar arrived right on time. Yes, we were able to get most of our gear and half our team onto this boat for the first of two trips out.

Buck safely returned us back to the Vinegar Creek Boat Launch and it was back to the realities of our modern world. Returning from these trips is always interesting for me, after being totally offline and away from the hustles and bustles of the world even for just a week, it feels a bit uncomfortable for a few days. It is a bit difficult to describe and perhaps worthy of a future essay, but spending a week caring for yourself in the wilderness and relying on teammates for support is in such stark contrast to the realities of a modern world. Perhaps it can only be experience and not described…. Y’all who have done this know what I mean!

Finally, a big thanks to the Idaho Trails Association, the Clearwater National Forest and all the teammates on this trip. It was an honor to participate and work to restore this section of trail. May future users enjoy the trail as much as I enjoyed the work! Now, it is off to an adventure of a totally different nature! Guten tag und komm bald wieder!

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