Taco Corner, Montgomery, Texas

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It is transition time as I am back in Texas for a couple days preparing for a return to Europe. When I left McCall a couple days ago it was full on winter, down here, it is full on summer! Today’s heat index: 105 degrees. I rarely ride my bike during the summer in Texas so I was surprised to see all these cyclist. Taco Corner is this convenience store located about 30 miles from my house. It acts as pit stop midway along many cycling routes in the area and also as the center of the universe for the local cyclists. Riding more than a couple hours in this heat and humidity is not possible without filling your fluids.

Many of the local ride groups converge here about the same time, at least three were here during this photo. It provides an opportunity to “reseed” yourself into a different group…. faster, slower, shorter, longer, etc. I chose a slower group headed back to town as the group I started with was going way too fast and long for my Idaho hiking legs and winter acclamation. With a keen eye, some of my friends can pick out “Texas” Tim (fount and center in the green helmet). I tip my cap to Tim as today was his first (un)official day of retirement and he is back from China. Congrats Tim! By the way, after arriving the night before about 7:00 pm on a 30 hour trek from China, Tim was looking for a shorter and slower ride back as well!!!

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