Idaho Trails Association – Sheep Creek (Days 5 & 6), Gospel Hump Wilderness, Idaho

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Oh what a beautiful morning in Paradise! I actually didn’t shoot any images on Day 5 as there was a treat of rain and much work to be done, therefore, these images are all from Day 6.

First, a few morning images from around camp. A keen eye might notice a lens change today.

Here is a slightly enhanced image:

This was my home for the last few days, the shelter on the right is a fly which I used to store my gear out of the rain. The tent on the left is for one man and offers little room to cover miscellaneous camp gear. The laundry has been hanging for a few days as it has been tough to dry with all the rain showers.

Later in the morning, the crew starts milling around the camp tent having coffee and preparing for the day. Today it was nice not to be huddled inside the dining tent!

Partial sunshine!

The day promised to be somewhat easier as we broke into groups and set off to tidy up a few loose ends on the trail work.

Remember “Burnt Log”? After stepping over and around it all week, it was time for it to come out!

A goodly amount of time later, Burnt Log was cleared and we headed back down the trail to cut out one more log.

Joe set to work sawing this “Pack Thumper”. A “Pack Thumper” is a log which partially obstructs the trail and tends to bang on the packs of mules as they walk by…. Notice that this was an ITA 5 man log? One to cut, three to watch, and one to take pictures!

All done and it is time to head back to camp!

With the early finish today, there was time to shoot the flowers.

Back in camp, we sat around enjoying the sunshine and dry weather while kicking around ITA stories and ideas.

Later, Cindy Lopper and Julie did a little fishing. I love the two different approaches to footwear…. one with go go boots and the other with river shoes! No fish were harmed during the production of these images….. or at any other time during this trip!

Come back soon for the exciting conclusion of The Sheep Creek Chronicles!

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