2021 Year in Review – September – Jigsaw, McCall, Idaho

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September is by far the best month to backpack and climb mountains in the Northern Rocky Mountains. Fall colors come on in full force, generally the wildfire smoke clears, and days are short and crisp. Only three runners up this month. 1). Ruby posing it up above Box Lake on our second assent this year of Beaverdam Peak; 2) John and Ruby crossing Kennally Creek after finishing up a 4 day backpacking trip. 3) A beautiful early fall day on Rapid Lake at the start of the same 4 day trip.

While out on an easy afternoon stroll on one of our favorite local hikes, I caught Ruby scanning the basin. The image was shot with a wide aperture which greatly compressed the focal plain. As a result, the grass, rock, and Ruby are in focus while everything else is bokeh.

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