2021 Year in Review – August – Hell’s Canyon, Idaho

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August this year was filled with many fun trips and a bunch of images. It provides a time of year in which the daylight hours start to shrink yet the temperatures remain warm. Add a little smoke for tint and high country fall colors to get fun photography. As a result, I had a bunch of runner ups: 1) Mid-summer thunderstorm over Lake Payette; 2) The Milky Way over downtown McCall; 3) Sunrise on Nick Lake; 4) Early Fall Colors up the Middle Fork of the East Fork of the Lake Fork of the Payette River; 5) Middle Fork Lake as seen from Gun-notch Saddle.

Many times selecting the image of the month all depends on my mood as I review that month’s images. At the time of shooting this image, I knew that the interesting light with clouds and colors of late August had the potential for art….. I applied some filters to the image and came up with this portrait. Even then, I posted it in August after the trip and didn’t particularly take notice. It wasn’t until my month of August review today that it struck my as kinda cool….

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