Bonus Blog Take Three – South of France

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I’m still finding a few interesting photos on my iPhone. This is a shot of the winery across from my apartment in Lauret.

While I was there they received a few truck loads of empty bottles. Right before I left, a giant semi-truck showed up and opened up like a transformer. Unfortunately I did not get a shot of it. The truck was a bottle filler and pumped the wine from the vats into the cases and cases of bottles.

This is my e-bike rental in front of the Intermarche…. the Intermarche is the French equivalent of Albertsons. Every 5 or 6 days I would go down to the supermarket and load up on essentials. It was about a 10 mile round trip. Notice the baguette sticking out the top of my pack!

French Chips!!!! Leave it to the French to find a way to take potato chips to the next level! They were a stable at my afternoon hors d’oeurvre heure!

This is an image of my (second) apartment kitchen. Go Packers!

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