Bonus Blog Take Four – Rainy Day Lauret, France

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Looking back through the old photos…. On one of my days stuck inside due to rain, I pulled together this blog and never got around to publishing it….. so here ya go:

I’ve been mostly just pinned down with this strong weather system. During a small break in the rain, I headed up the road for a quick stroll. The big camera stayed at home.

The iPhone gave me an opportunity to shoot a new angle on one of my favorite hairpin turns.

Notice the colors are starting to fade on the vineyards, the heavy rain has knocked many of the leaves to the ground.

This is about as far as I made it up the mountain when the rain started getting serious. Back in to work on computer projects….. I’m getting caught up now!

Okay, I think the South of France photo well has run dry! No more bonus South of France blogs!

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