Bonus Blog Take Two – South of France

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Here are a few more images from this fall’s trip to France. – This is a warning sign that a hunt is in progress. As far as I can tell, the hunters are required to put these out near where they hunt. Several times I saw guys walking around near these signs with clip boards and hunter orange. I’m assuming they are some kind of game wardens. From what the locals tell me, the hunters here are also drinkers so one must be careful in the woods when these hunts are going on. That might also explain why you often hear a lot of gun fire in the area but rarely see hunters with game. It’s a little like Idaho, a shoot first and ask questions later situation!

I’m having withdrawals from stinky cheese h’orderves heure!

The cheese, the cheese. I love the French cheese! This particular cheese is quite common and in France would be considered perhaps average at best…. (pictured above as well). It is fabulous! It smells quite strong and makes the entire fridge smell zackly….. or let say nasty. However, it tastes amazing!

This is my friend Patrice. He was quite skittish but also a bit hungry. Over my last few days in France we became good friends and he enjoyed h’orderves heure avec moi…. (he is French and did not understand English) with me each afternoon.

After a few days, I realized that I may have been chosen as Patrice would patiently wait for me to start the snack hour….. He never got close enough to let me pet him but I think another week or so and we would have been best buddies.

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