Chateau Lancyre, Pic Saint Loup, France

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Today was my last ride here in the South of France for this season. As I started, it was a little overcast which kinda matched my gray mood.

One of the things I love about this region is all the wineries. Tons of them. They all have great wines and it is nice to find a local favorite. Here is mine.

I decided to ride by this winery this morning so I googled it up and was delighted to find in only a couple kilometers down the road.

I decided to roll though their vineyards along the way.

It seemed they had their own private little valley, it was beautiful.

Mostly today, the camera stayed in the bag and I enjoyed the rolling hills in this area. I did manage to capture these two guys headed into town.

Au revoir Lauret! Merci pour the les temps bien!!!

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