After a rainy day yesterday, I was expecting some interesting light this morning. I was not disappointed!

I got up bright and early and before my daily run to the local market, I was out shooting the sunrise.

A few fall colors are still hanging on and it made for a nice mix with the sunrise.

There was lots of moisture in the air and all the lowlands were misty.

Y’all know I love these tree silhouettes!

In the other direction you had morning light on Pic St. Loup,

The moment of sunrise on a late fall morning in Southern France! Paradise!

I went back to the apartment for breakfast and prepared for a ride on some of my favorite roads. As I cast off, the morning light was still stunning!


Today’s ride takes me around Pic St. Loup therefore you will see it from a couple different angles.

I was trying to get my ride going but stopping about every half kilometer pulling out the camera.

Today is a national holiday for the French and they were out in force. I literally saw hundreds of cyclist today!


More Pic St. Loup images…. Check out the mountain bike trail that heads down this draw!

Finally, as I wrapped up my ride today, I stopped at one of my favorite viewpoints above the Claret Valley and took in the moment. I realized that with tomorrow being my last ride day here that it might be a while before I get back to this spot….

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