The final evening in Lauret was not as peaceful as this photo may suggest….

As you all know, international travel has a whole new level of complication with the RONA… I needed to test within 72 hours of my flight. My window opened on Thursday and guess what, national holiday, the lab was closed. That only gives me one real shot at getting this done Friday morning and getting results by that evening.

With the holiday, I showed up at the lab at 7:30am to a line. Luckily I had ridden down to St Mathieu in the dark and arrived a little early. I ended up 4th in line and by the time they opened 10 minutes later the line was quite long. After waiting all day for emailed results, I mounted my steed and headed back to the lab. Failure is not an option. The evening colors were worth the extra effort.

I arrived at the lab and success soon followed!!!! Lots of work for this most important paper!

The next morning, off I go to Montpellier for my layover and flight out the next morning. So far so good!

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