Today, I woke up to rain. I had anticipated a wet day therefore planned a little shoot around the village. It started off lightly sprinkling so I was able to sneak my camera in and out without gettin it soaked. I really think I need an assistant here to hold an umbrella for me! Notice the paper jack-o-lantern in the window. It is very rare to see halloween decorations in France especially, almost two weeks after the fact. I’m guessing we have a small child that lives here and is hanging on to Halloween and long as possible.

There are such great doors in Europe.

And rock walls.

And crosses.

Red Vines, a favorite of my friend Tad.

French 7-11. I’m now an early morning regular here to get my daily baguette, croissant and pain au chocolate. I see many of the same locals every morning and enjoy visiting with the shop owner.

Purple shutters.

City Hall.

And one final shot then the camera goes into the backpack to protect it from the rain…. I managed to get in a solid walk in the moderate rain but it looks like I will mostly be shut in today.

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