Quissac Loop Encore, France

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As my time here in Southern France comes to a close, I only have a couple more ride days left. It’s time to go revisit some of my favorite routes from the last month.

Of course we have nice peaceful roads headed up to Quissac with a warm morning sun. Last time I rode this route, I had been shut down due to the road construction. They were still out working on the route, installing new internet lines I’m guessing, but the roads were open today.

Remember this image from a couple weeks ago?

Same two horses, notice the grape vines in the background have lost all their leaves.

The River Vidourle running through Quissac.

Back on to the Quissac Rail to Trail. It makes for several very pleasant loop variations out this direction.

On to Route 181 and through the town of Pompignan.

After ascending the wonderful climb south of Pompignan, a few images from Ferrieres-les-Verreries….. check out the reflection in the window….

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