Today I was honored to spend the day with my French daughter. Most of you may not know that I have a French daughter but indeed it is true! Marie lives in Paris and made a special trip down to the South of France to visit her American dad. About 7 years ago when Marie was in high school she spent a year in Idaho living with us as an exchange student. I haven’t seen her for some time and it has been great to catch up.

After several continuous days of rain, it was just nice to get out and see the sun.

The Monday after Halloween in France is always a national holiday, All Saints Day. It is actually a much bigger deal that Halloween itself which is almost nonexistent here. After the rainy weekend, the French cyclists were back out in mass.

Marie and I hiked up my favorite road expecting it to be way too muddy to hike the trails. However, we found that the trails were rocky enough to miss most of the mud. After a good long stroll we were at the top of the mountain.

Views of the countryside on a beautiful fall day.

Pic St. Loup in the distance right side of image. I was shooting in 14 mm wide angle today so it looks much farther in the distance. In reality, its only about 8 kilometers.

After a couple hours we returned back home, had lunch (and coffee!) then jumped on the bikes for an afternoon spin on one of my favorite French roads. The D107 through Claret!

The late afternoon sun is now at super low angle.

Views down the Valley Claret, a valley with many vineyards and wineries a breathtaking view at a location I have shot before.

A wonderful day with one of my favorite people in the world! Merci Marie!

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