Course A’ Pied, Lauret, France

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I was out on my morning rainy walk to the local Epicerie for daily supplies.

I noticed new red course markers along my walk and had remembered reading about a trail running event here in the area. Next to the small store was an aid station.

Shortly thereafter, here come the runners!

Something I almost never do and have no experience with is action photography……

It was a rainy day and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try and photography something new.

My images started off pretty bad but I finally started dialing in the setting for this relatively low light day. Many of the runners seemed to be having a great time despite the hard effort and the wet conditions.

This guy wins my enthusiasm award!!!!

Mostly these guys were pretty serious and were making me feel bad that I had opted to relax again today.

Course ribbons.

Lots and lots of runners. Although they are not called runners here but coureurs and coureuses.

This guy gets my iron man award! Check out the bloody hand and yet he was not giving up!

Just up the road the runners left the pavement and hit the trail which I hiked a couple days ago.

This man and his dog were just out for a run and found themselves in the middle of a race…..The dog was loving all the action!

Love it!!!! Allez! Allez! Allez!!!

Vineyards and runners!

Felicitations a’ tout les coureurs! Un travial bien fait!!!

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