Rail to Trail! Quissac to Saint-Hippolyte-du-Fort, France

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After a wonderful visit with my French daughter, it was time to get out and do some serious cycling. The weather is turning nice (mostly) and I’m starting to think about my return to Texas which will require some bike fitness….

I was clicking around on google maps looking for some cool cycling loops and found a rail to trail which I had not previously know about. I think it’s relatively new and will be a nice closing of some routes to the northwest.

Bam!!!! Holly Cycling Heaven Batman!!!! Look how happy my bike looks! As some of you may know, I have been working on some rail to trail projects in my home state and take any opportunity to check out the French trails…. The French know how to make bike routes!!!!

This trail started out really well, typical French architecture and countryside.

After a few kilometers, I was thinking this trail would be even better if it had a bridge over a river…… Check!

If only it had a picturesque stone bridge crossing….. Check!

If only it climbed up a bit and had views…. Check!

Some old ruins along the route? Check!

Some interesting infrastructure along the way? Check! P.S. I did not get off my bike and do some gym work.

Better views as the route continued? Check!

A viaduc over a classic French village? Check! This is Saint-Hippolyte-du-Fort.

Okay, that was a great ride, the only thing it didn’t have was a tunnel……. Bam!!!!

Tunnel Video!

Wow, I’m floored! That was an amazing ride. I finished up by riding back to the apartment and snapping this great view of Pompignan. The rail to trail connected two really nice cycling roads and creates a 35 mile loop out to the northwest of Lauret.

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