Randonnée A’ Pied Dan la Pluie, Lauret, France

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Today’s theme was rain and moisture!

Despite the rain all night long, we had a small break right after breakfast so I threw caution to the wind, loaded up the camera, and put on the hiking gear.


Some odd filters applied and you get this view of the Lauret countryside.

No filters, just low clouds….. no rain though so far!

Couldn’t help but find a new view to shoot my favorite road. I’m running out of ideas.

Near the top of my hike and that does not look good!!!!!

Luckily, I think most of the weather is coming from this direction and it looks better.

On the way back, I found the Lauret Cemetery. I love photographing European cemeteries, they have such a majestic feel… This one was not that old. It’s common here to have these family interments. Each placard on top commemorates one of the family members.

As I got closer to the hotel, things started to get dark. I made it back just in time and the skies opened up for the day. Time to hunker down again.

One last shot from the day. This might be one of the best images I have ever captured. The sunlight came out on L’Auberge du Cedre for just for a moment and I happed to be in the right place. It is aways hard to capture the feel of the moment but I really like this one….. I hope you enjoy it as well. (PS. at this resolution, the image pixelates pretty quickly. The actual image is crystal clear when you zoom in. I can’t decide which is better…). If you read the blog from two days ago, you can make out the cedar tree behind the hotel.

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