Rocher du Causse (Encore), France

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Today was supposed to be the start of 4 straight days of rain…..But, not starting until the afternoon. The plan, run down to the supermarket with my rented e-bike and pick up supplies for the next four days. I will then return home, put away groceries and pound out a quick hike before the rain…… Wrong!! Like yesterday, my plan chanced a little. About 2 miles into the ride to the Intermarche, my ebike broke down….. No bad days, no bad days…… I pushed it back home and ran to the Lauret Esicerie du Pic…. which is the French version of 7-11 without the slurpie or gas pump. Basically everything you need to survive x1… in France, that means, bread, stinky cheese, TP and wine. Time to head out for a hike before the rain.

I did the Rocher earlier this week but from a different direction…. Looking down on Lauret.

Walking up my favorite road again….. ironically, I haven’t even ridden my bike on this section of road since I have arrived.

Cool switchback in the trees.

A little bit of smokey haze from farmers burning brush. In Idaho we call those uncontrolled burns.

A French trail marker…..

Lauret again from the top of the Rocher.

Looking around from the top. Northeast with Lauret below.

South with Montpellier and the Mediterranean Sea in the far distance.

And to the west. Just below are the Roman Ruins. You can also see the forecast weather moving this direction.

On the way down, I shot this little French pickup headed up the climb. It is rare to see traffic on this road other than bikes.

Time to hunker down for a few rainy days.

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