Lauret to Quissac (Almost), France

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Another beautiful morning here in Southern France. This is the view off my patio, early in the morning. The name of the hotel where my apartment resides is L’Auberge du Ceder which translates to the Inn of the Cedar. This cedar tree is the centerpiece of their logo and I have perhaps the best view of it from my patio.

Now a zoom. It is definitely a cool tree!

I was out before breakfast again and loving the sunrise.

I was able to catch this person driving off to work I presume.

One final shot before heading into breakfast.

Today my goal was to head north a bit to the town of Quissac. That is home to the daily traveling market and I needed a couple supplies for my outing here in Lauret.

Along the way, the original Deux Las Chevaux…… it’s a French thing.

My route today was specially hand picked for the quite rural roads.

However, I did not count on the road construction. It seemed every direction I turned, another blocked route. I was within about 4 kilometers of my destination and the only remaining choice was a super busy highway which I opted against.

I even considered a couple hiking routes to get me around. At one point, I had my paper map out and was trying to figure out any work-around. A nice French lady stopped and told me just to ignore the barrier and that Velos were ok…… I had already been yelled at this morning for pouching a barrier. I thought that some French construction guys might beat me up. As far as I could tell they with my limited French, they seemed to be talking about ma mere.

Not to worry, I gave up on Quissac and will try again next week. I started just randomly heading down nice roads and found things like this green car and red vines.

Cool roads through the vineyards.

This is the village of Corconne tucked into the hillside.

Then I decided to head to St-Mathieu-de-Trevier for lunch at my favorite bakery. I then came upon another amazing country road.

Great views of Pic St. Loup across the vineyards.

This road is called Chemi de la Vielle. It’s a few kilometers of cycling heaven and is only about 6 kilometers from my apartment.

Today started out in one direction and ended up in an entirely different direction. It was all good though, no bad days!

Local cyclist on Chemi de la Vielle.

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