Evora to Portimao, Portugal

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After breakfast we completed a 3 hour transfer to the southern most part of Portugal.

We were dropped of at the top of the costal mountains at a small resort.

Views were amazing but with a touch of smoky skies, I felt right at home after my summer in Idaho!

Of course Backroads had our bikes ready to go and soon we were all gathered around to talk about todays bike race, I mean bike ride.

The nice thing about being dropped off a the top of the mountain was the sweet decent! Notice the rider below on the first hairpin.

Rider photos:

In the small town of Silves, we stopped for lunch.

Riding though Silves.

After lunch, a good portion of our peloton opted for a shuttle to our next hotel so they could do some “shopping”. No thanks! The next part of the ride was perhaps the best so far this week! Amazing rolling hills through the orange groves of Southern Portugal.

After a goodly amount of effort, the end of the road!

After hitting the coast, I traversed about 10 miles to the west along the rocky and cliffy sea.

Finally, Portimao, a relatively large city on Portugal’s southern coast. It is warm and tropical here and will be our home for the next 2 nights.

Here are a couple images from around the hotel.

And finally, sunset!!!!

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