Monsaraz to Evora, Portugal

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Next morning, guess what…. another beautiful day in paradise!

Cool plowed field with trees and rocks….

Rider Photos:

Veronica and Alejandro, two of Backroads finest!

A stop in a pottery shop. According to the women on our tour, the men in this shop are perhaps the most handsome in all of Portugal….

After the pottery stop, we had a grunt climb to get the legs warmed back up and the women refocus on riding bikes.

Typical gate into a Portugal Estate. These are quite common here.

Church at our obligatory coffee stop.

Lots more vineyards in this area, in the distance, you can just make our starting village Monsaraz at the top of the hill on the horizon.

Flowers at our lunch stop.

More amazing roads after the lunch stop.

These are Portugal Cows. You can tell they are Portuguese because I photographed them here!

Our hotel for the night, a former convent.

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