Lighthouse of Cabo de Sao Vicente to Portimao, Portugal

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What a morning!

A relatively short transfer and we were at the end of the earth! For much of history, this western outpost on the southern tip of Europe was consider the end of the earth!

Picturesque? Yeah!

The view looking north from the lighthouse.

Are these cliffs big? You can just make out two people on top, yes, big cliffs!

A short way dow the road and you find the Sagres Fortress……and people on the beach.

The small village of Vila do Bispo along the route.

Soon, we were dropping back down to the sea.

Obligatory beach shots.

A few miles later and it was time for a lunch stop.

After lunch is was time for a cuban message on these cobbles and then some short punchy climbs.

Views that didn’t suck.

Riding like the wind today, unfortunately, much of the wind was in our face.

Back in town near Portimao, people were enjoying the warm afternoon.

What a gorgeous day!

Tomorrow is a transfer day so perhaps a day off my blog before we are on to new adventures, y’all come back soon!

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