This morning, we were off to the Lisbon Train Station to meet up with our bike tour guides.

After a 3 hour transfer to the east side of Portugal (by bus not train), we had lunch and then on to our first ride in the beautiful countryside of Southeastern Portugal.

In the distance on top of the highest hill, Monsaraz.

This area is very reminiscent of Central California. These lone tress were cool.

Lone tree with bicycle.


This is the nearby Alqueva Lake which is the largest on the Liberian Peninsula. It was created in the early 2000s as a project to irrigate this entire region. All the irrigated agriculture here is fairly new since the project is still being built out.

The hilltop town of Monsaraz.

This is the quaint farm road entrance to our hotel. What a different feel than our previous days in Lisbon.

This blog sponsored by Backroads!

After dinner, I spotted the Milky Way and grabbed the camera. This time of year, the best parts of the Milky Way are just below the horizon.

I’m used to shooting the Milky Way with no ambient light so I was challenged to find a location around the hotel that was dark enough that I could bring out the stars.

So…..I shot the hotel!

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