Hershey Point, Payette National Forest, Idaho

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Finding nearby peaks which John has not climbed is not an easy task….. If you go to John’s web site, you will see that he has been up thousands of them. See John’s trip report here:

Today, we selected Hersheys Point, which can be climbed via a 12 mile long round trip on pretty good trail or about a 4 mile round trip with probable bushwhack…. and a long drive on a super bumpy road. The Alder King choose the bushwhack!

After about a 30 minute steeple chase in the brushy downfall, we found a trail!!!! We speculated that the forest service had cut in a short cut trail to the lookout from the end of the road. Notice the red tape on the tree to the left. It was steep and primitive but no brush and no downfall! After swimming in the brush for the last half hour, Ruby was a happy camper!

After a long steep climb, we cut across the official trail near the ridge and the sailing was great! It was like a Hershey Highway!

Finally the lookout and related outbuilding. As we approached the lookout, we heard a dog barking and surmised that the lookout attendant was in residence. Out of respect for their privacy, we kept our distance. However, it seemed odd to us that the lookout was not interested in greeting the rare visitor to this obscure location….. John and I figured it was probably a female lookout with no interest in saying hi to a couple scruffy dirty old men!

This would be your classic Lew with a View!

The views off the nearby helicopter pad were outstanding! We were looking down into the Salmon River Canyon. The river at this point is about 6000 feet below.

John and I had wondered why they call this Hersheys Point and then I spotted an extremely rare wild Hershey. I was able to quickly snap this photo before it disappeared.

We retraced our steps back down the mountain on Hershey Highway then our newly discovered trail which would then dump us right back on our road near the car. As we descended, the haze began to clear and we needed to retake all the photos we snapped on the way up.

Finally, back at the bottom near the car, Ruby wanted one more image with Hersheys Point in the background.

3 Replies to “Hershey Point, Payette National Forest, Idaho”

  1. I’ve just been reading about Milton S. Hershey because he — like my grandfather — was originally booked on the Titanic for its maiden voyage from England to New York in April 1912, but then changed his booking for business reasons and returned earlier on a different ship.


    1. Wow, that is interesting! Lucky for you grandpa changed plans! Like you, I have missed seeing the Milky Way. While I now frequently see the dark night sky, my eyes are not as crisp as they were when I was young. The camera lets me see the stars that my eyes can no longer pick out. I have always been fascinated by the universe and seeing the Milky Way in person makes you realize how vast it all is! Best Wishes!


      1. Thanks, Dave. My mother had already been born when the Titanic sank — she was not quite five years old — but who knows how her life would have been different if her father had been lost in the catastrophe.


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