Boulder Creek to Kennally Creek Expedition (Day 4 – The Hike Out), Payette National Forest, Idaho

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Another beautiful calm morning in the late summer. I LOVE IDAHO!!!

After some appropriate caffeination and breakfast, it was time to pack up camp and head home. Hopefully all the tourists in McCall were leaving early to beat the traffic!

On the way out, Ruby and I stopped at Upper Cougar Lake to check it out.

Back at the top of the ridge and also the highest part of our day, John, Ruby, and I spied a small high point with a cool rock and dead snag.

Excellent subject matter for photography!

Back on the primitive trail, Ruby stops briefly to check out the Kennally Creek view.

Down below, we needed to make a couple creek crossings. This one required wading shoes.

Ruby’s feet were a little sore from the 4 straight days of hiking so while we ate lunch, she soaked her feet.

Finally, a couple Ruby close ups:

In all, an amazing adventure with a couple of amazing guys and one amazing dog!

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