Stormy Point – Low Saddle, Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forest, Idaho

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John and I had agreed to help out the Idaho Trails Association (ITA) with a reconnaissance trip for a trail maintenance day occurring in September. We needed to gather some information about the trail head amenities and expected work for the trail crew. As we left, we had the treat of unsettled weather….which was a good thing as it had promised to blow out the smoke.

We drove to Riggins and then to near the top of the river canyon. It was then time to jump on our bikes and trek out 10 miles to the trailhead. Yes, those are fall colors in the high country!

Along the way we had great views of the Snake River Canyon below……also know as Hell’s Canyon and obviously views of the changing weather. At one point I heard John mumbling “I don’t think the heavy stuff is going to start for a while, we should press on!” Caddy Shack Reference!

On this point, we had a panoramic view of Hell’s Canyon. About 4000 feet below and not yet in view is the Snake River.

John wearing his bright colors for my photography…..he is such a giver!

We arrived at the trailhead and completed our reconnaissance mission.

Now, it was time to climb Stormy Point. A location which seemed as though it was going to live up to it’s name!

The views off the point were off the charts! Below, you can see the river now. The first point above the river which is in the clouds has Dry Diggins Lookout which we visited last month. Check out that report here. It has images of Stormy Point looking from that direction.

John is moving off the high point to get a look over the edge.

This is the view off the edge…..way below on the Oregon side is Brockman Ranch.

John taking a moment and looking upriver.

Finally, a couple of artsy filters and you get this image. This is the last image for the trip. As we descended Stormy Point, the rain finally started. We retrieved our bikes and raced back to the car but with our mission accomplished! …but it turned out to be one of the best bike-hike days of our lives!. Caddy Shack Reference.

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