It’s that time of year! Smoke Season! Nearby fires and stagnant winds means the smoke has settled into McCall like a wet blanket. If my followers are wondering why there has been a lull in backpacking photography…….

The national smoke map shows horrible conditions in the Northwest United States. Guess where I live…… yes, right in the middle of the red area.

I grabbed my mountain bike and headed out for a very easy ride. It’s important not to have strenuous exercise in these conditions and my Secialized Levo is such a good bike, it almost peddles itself!

The local mountains are difficult to see today.

One of my favorite nearby vistas of Lake Payette.

What does it normally look like???

Not today!

Below is a great demonstration of my favorite post processing adjustment, the dehaze slider in photoshop…. before on the left, after on the right!

Hoping for better conditions later this week…..stand by y’all!

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