Seven Devils Wilderness – ITA Project – Day 3, Central Idaho

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After two super hard days of transfers and trail work, Day 3 proved to be a little more mellow and allowed me to focus on some photography….so to speak! The first image is our team having breakfast. Notice the puffy coats? Yes, at about 6800 feet of elevation at the bottom of the canyon, it was a bit chilly.

Did you notice the waterfall in the background of the last image? Here is a closeup:

We had noticed the faint smell of smoke during breakfast and as we climbed up to our work zone, we could see it rolling in from the wildfires in the region.

Our first job today was to climb out of the canyon.

Lots of views along the way.

One of the small ponds in the Dry Diggins Basin.

Lakes in the Dry Diggins area:

The final climb up to the lookout. If you look closely on the peak mid image, you can see the lookout.

As we ascended the climb, the views blew up! The lakes below were the same ones we had just walked by.

Down below, Hell’s Canyon and the Snake River. This is the deepest canyon in the world and the river is more than 6000 feet below this point.

Zoom views of the river.

We had heard that the lookout had some wind damage, you judge for yourself!

The outhouse supporting the lookout is a leaner!

A group picture of our team, from left to right, myself, Jenny, Greg, Ann, Craig, Dan, and John.

Our tribute to the Idaho Trails Association!

After about 20 minutes hanging out at the lookout, we headed back to camp. More to come tomorrow!

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