Blackmare Lake – Squaretop Lake Loop – Day 2, Payette National Forest, Idaho

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We woke up on morning two and it smelled like a camp fire. Smoke from the wildfires to our northeast had drifted in, just in time for our hard hike over the ridge to Squaretop Lake. Our plan today, to hike up that mountain side across the lake to the little point mid image.

As we left camp, looking the other direction there seemed to be less smoke. Our camp for the night had been on the far side just under the little peak mid image.

As we climbed the side of the mountain, we could see more smoke in lower elevations to the north.

Across the way, in the near ground, No Name Peak 2 which we climbed a couple years ago. (You can visit the link provide in day one’s report.)

It is hard to get a since of how steep this hillside was but here I am standing above Tom looking down on the lake we had just left. In the background, No Name Peak #1.

After about one and a half hours, we crested the top and found the going much easier. Also, clear skies to the Northwest reviled many of our favorite peaks in the Lick Creek Range, off in the distance.

One of the many ponds in the Squaretop Basin. Not shown, the mosquitoes!

A second pond was much larger but was shallow and likely did not have fish.

After a couple hours, we arrived at Squaretop Lake with Squaretop Peak in the background. The actual peak is roughly above John’s head.

We visited this lake almost exactly 2 years ago to the day. Check out that trip report here.

Time for a little fishing!

and a little napping!

Ruby contemplating a swim.

After a relaxing afternoon, we enjoyed an evening full moon rise over the ridge! Unfortunately with lens/camera combination I was carrying, it is hard to do the moonrise justice. In person, it was spectacular!

More to come in tomorrow’s conclusion of “The Brookie Loop”!

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