Blackmare Lake – Squaretop Lake Loop – Day 1, Payette National Forest, Idaho

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John, Tom, Ruby and I headed out for a couple of lakes we visited in the past but only in passing. We wanted to spend a couple days and check out the views and fishing. Ultimately, we nicknamed the route “Brookie Trout Loop”. Between the three of us, I would say we caught a ton of brookies, but in reality, they probably all together weighed a couple of pounds! See John’s Trip report here.

One of our major creek crossings. I chose the slightly wetter lower road while Tom took the much more dangerous full pack high wire!

After a goodly climb up No Trail trail, we were looking down on the first Blackmare Lake….you can just make it out in the trees. Yes, looking down Blackmare Creek towards the west, it is smokey!

At the first lake, we stopped for our lunch break.

After lunch, Ruby insisted on a photo shoot.

After the first lake, the trail becomes much more…. rustic let’s say. After a classic Uncle John downfall and brush beat down, we arrived at the main Blackmare Lake.

Across the drainage, No Trail Peak 2. One we climbed a couple years ago and has great views this lake. Check it out here.

We enjoyed the afternoon relaxing at the lake. Day 2 of this trip will require a hard full pack mountain climb. Stay tuned!

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