Seven Devils Wilderness – ITA Project – Day 4, Central Idaho

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On Day 4, we headed back into the Dry Diggins Basin to cut the other side of the loop trail.

Craig stops for a moment to take in the views.

As we climb up over the pass, in the background were all the high peaks of the Seven Devils.

At the top of the pass, the Lookout we visited yesterday. It sits on a peak right above Hells Canyon.


Below, the lakes and lower loop we worked yesterday.

Down we go, working all the way!

At the first lake, Jenny filters water to fill her bottles, something we need to do regularly along the route. It minimizes the about of water we need to carry.

Craig takes a fishing break at the lower lake and after catching a fish declares “We must come back here!!!”

Lake views!

After finishing our work on the Dry Diggins Loop, we headed back to camp for one final night. Tomorrow we hike out and hope than no new trees have fallen in the last few days!

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