Burnside Lake, Day 1 – Payette National Forest, Idaho

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John, Ruby, and I were looking to get the heck out of McCall for the holiday weekend and escape the hoards of city folks here in our peaceful mountain town. A good close in but relatively remote destination is Burnside Lake.

John had volunteered to do a little trail work on the nearby Hum Lake Trail and I had a little business that I needed to attend to in McCall…… Therefore, we got a relatively late start.

Along the climb to Burnside Lake, we were treated to some of the best views of Sawtooth Peak. Check out my trip report here from a couple years ago when we climbed it: https://davefaitlemonde.com/2018/08/08/sawtooth-peak-snowslide-peak-platt-peak-and-one-other-unnamed-peak-payette-national-forest/

Close up! Super dry and warm this year, normally, there is much more snow under Sawtooth Peak on the 4th of July weekend.

We arrived at Burnside Lake just in time for dinner hour, quickly followed by sunset and then and early bedtime…..mainly because the mosquitos were in full attack mode!

Finally, a great view of Sawtooth Peak from our camp site.

I was super excited to do some nighttime photography from this lake but unfortunately, clouds and mosquitoes prevented any sustained effort at star photography….. I managed to get this one shot and headed back into the tent. The view shows a glow on the horizon which is nearby McCall lighting up the light cloud cover.

Come back soon and see day two’s adventures!

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