Josephine Lake, Payette National Forest, Idaho

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Jill, John, Ruby, and I were looking for a melowish hike at a relatively high elevation so we could escape the recent heat wave. We selected a local favorite, Josephine Lake.

Along the way we ran into JJ Watt!

The heat wave this week has taken away most of the high country snow and brought out the bear grass blooms.

This is not a great lens to shoot the moon but here are a couple lunar images anyway.


Along the way we passed this little pond.

After less than an hour, we arrived at the Lake. The gentle wind blowing off the water made it a bit chilly. A nice feeling!

John went to work not catching fish……

Ruby and I went to work doing a photo shoot!

A beautiful morning and we were back home by lunch, just in time for Ruby to go swimming again!

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