Cly Lakes, Tsum Lake, and The Beast, Payette National Forest, Idaho

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John and I set out to give a few of our friends a tour of some mountain lakes in one of our favorite spots…. all our friend bailed on the tour but John, Ruby and I set out on what turned into a wonderful day!!!! See John’s trip report here.

Pardon all the pictures in this blog, but it was a stunning day, with incredible light! Here are a couple pictures of Beaverdam Peak.

Beaverdam Peak on the left, Teardrop Peak in the middle and Burnside Peak just off the right edge. John, Ruby and I are planning to stay at a lake just under Burnside Peak over the 4th of July weekend.

Now Beaverdam Peak with a snag.

John hiking toward Cly Lakes, the lake sits in the notch just to the left of John.

A shot of Cly Lake #3 (its one of 5 lakes in the basin) looking toward the outlet. The peak in the notch is Paintbrush Peak.

Cly Lake #4, Ruby takes in in!

Cly Lake #5 below and a couple of bumps on the ridge to Tsum Peak. Later in this day, later in the day, John and I will circle around the bump on the left and come down from the saddle along the snow field between the two bumps.

Same shot but now with flowers!

John posing on a rock before we climbed “The Beast” located on the left side.

Up we go!

From the top of The Beast, looking at Tsum Peak. Look carefully below the peak just above the trees and you can make out Tsum Lake. After leaving this peak, we swung by the lake, filled up our water bottles and climbed out over the right shoulder of Tsum Peak.

Cly Lake #2 looking down from The Beast. You can see that it was a perfectly calm day, all the lakes were mirrors.

Ruby scanning the area off the peak giving us her slightly annoyed look!

After visiting Tsum, we headed up the ridge and I got this image looking back down.

On top of the ridge, Ruby takes advantage of the natural air conditioning!

Now looking down the route I pointed out earlier, looking back at The Beast which we climbed a couple hours earlier. In all, a wonderful day, about 9 miles and 4000 feet of climbing. I wonder why they call it The Beast? Looks pretty mean from here! Good thing our friends stayed home, it was a pretty hard day and they probably couldn’t have handled it! Good thing I do a blog for them!

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