Chamberlain Creek – ITA Trail Project, Day 3, Frank Church Wilderness, Idaho

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The next morning we are packing up camp and moving further down the canyon.

Full packs but luckily most of the trip was downhill.

Stopping for a moment to enjoy yesterday’s big cut.

This hanger is above our pay grade!

Right here we stopped in our tracks because a black bear was walking up the trail straight at us!!!! As he crawled through this tree, I was grabbing my camera, one look at us and he was gone and all I managed to get was a picture of downfall.

We called this one the pistol tree… shaped like a pistol and super dangerous the way it was laying. We worked for a while then decided to think about it for a day or two and deal with it on the way back out.

Moving further down the canyon.

Queen Creek crossing.

After a long long day we established our lowest base camp. It looked like an old hunting camp with tent pads cut into the slope and an old wood pile. Our best guess is that the wood pile was at least 20 years old. I have been deep into the Frank Church Wilderness many times but have never seen an area more remote and pristine that this one. Much more to come soon!

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