Chamberlain Creek – ITA Trail Project, Day 2, Frank Church Wilderness, Idaho

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Up early the next morning, we headed out for the day. Since we were not moving base camp, we threw on the day packs and loaded up the tools.

Looking back to our camp down below.

It wasn’t long before we started finding very large downfall. Step one, clear the ground clutter and make a cut plan.

Step two cut the limbs, in this case, many were the size of trees themselves.

Step three, saw!

Step four, now what, recheck the plan and make adjustments if necessary? Luckily, this one was broken on the lower side, it just required a little push. Notice the limb under the cut? A little advanced planning makes moving cut logs easier!

Once it got started, down it goes! This one ended up about 150 feet down the slope.

Finally, clean up and pick up then on to the next one.

As we dropped further in the canyon, things started getting hot! In total for the trip, we will cover about 13 miles with a total decent of 2000 feet.

More trees!

Then we rounded the corner and found this monster…… notice all the rocks? This one will be difficult to move. We ended up spending the rest of the day here.



We loaded up our day packs, stashed the tools for tomorrow and headed back to camp.

Along the way, we found a swimming hole and decided to take a break…. this was the only photo that was blog worthy as everyone had forgot to pack a swimming suit.

Day 3 coming soon!

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