Chamberlain Creek – ITA Trail Project, Day 4, Frank Church Wilderness, Idaho

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The next morning we awoke to another beautiful day. We split into two 3 man teams, one went back up the trial to work and one went down to the end of our project. I was headed down with Art and Craig.

It was going to be a hot day in these lower elevations so we got an early start.

Trees and Brush!

Views down the canyon.

I believe this is a Syringa which is the state flower of Idaho.

We called this the Octopus Tree. You can see Craig next to it for scale. It was gigantic but had a nice walk around up high so we opted to leave it for now……In part because Art had lost one of our wedges in the last cut.

Wilderness Trail at it’s finest!

The trail became quite brushy towards the end of our project. Yes, there is a trail there!

We did not do much brushing as the main focus of our work was to remove trees. However, we did some rock work around a wash out or two.


Someone had tacked this rack onto the tree near the confluence of McCalla Creek and Chamberlain Creek.

The McCalla Creek Bridge although it actually crosses Chamberlain Creek. Your eyes are not deceiving you, the bridge is actually bent likely from a past log jam.

A shot from below the bridge at our lunch spot.

Time to work back up to camp and cut everything we had skipped earlier.

Back in camp, both teams meet back up for dinner and told war stories from the day.

More to come!!!

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