Malony Lake, Payette National Forest, Idaho

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As the snow line moves higher, we are starting to venture deeper into the wilderness. See John’s trip report here:

We did the bottom of this hike a couple weeks ago and you can see the difference between the two trip reports:

Ruby working it!

John working it!

Craig and Dakota joined John, Ruby and I today. You won’t find any pictures of Dakota here because she is way to busy to pose and I am way to slow with my camera to catch her! It is hard enough to catch John when he has the hammer down.

Old snags with mountains behind.

After a solid couple hours of hiking we toped the ridge and looked down on our decent to Malony Lake which is around the corner of that cliff.

Down we go and across this glacier. If only the camera could actually show how steep it was!

Malony Lake

We tried our hand at some fishing.

The fishing was slow but luckily Ruby was up for a photo shoot and I was able to catch a couple of good images.

They it was back up and around the cliff to the top of the ridge.

Once on top, we realized that some weather was moving in. I enhanced the clouds a bit for dramatic purposes!

One final shot looking down on Boulder Lake. Our car is parked another mile below the far edge. It’s always cool to see the green valley below. At this point, we are about 2500 feet above the valley floor.

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