Boulder Lake, Payette National Forest, Idaho

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We had another sketchy weather day so we decided to pack the rain gear and head up to a local favorite, Boulder Lake. Since Boulder Lake is inside the Boulder Drainage, I knew that my buddy Tom would have a hard time saying no to this hike! Along today were Tom, Finn, Craig, Dakota, John, and Ruby of course! This image is of Boulder Reservoir which must not be confused for Boulder Lake!

After a few minutes of hiking, the sun popped out! Finn and Tom in a rare moment off the back.

As you approach Boulder Lake, the outlet spills across this rock formation.

The final push to the Lake requires just a bit of Class III climbing.

Boulder Lake with (False) Buckhorn Mountain in the background. We call this False Buckhorn Mountain because the actual summit is higher and out of sight behind this peak on the ridge.

Boulder Reservoir and the valley below.

One of the Twin Peaks.

Dog-a-paloosa! Ruby, Dakota, and Finn.

Ruby playing “Stick” in the snow.

One final image of Ruby modeling at Boulder Lake.

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