Cabin Creek – Big Creek Expedition, Day Four, Frank Church Wilderness, Idaho

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Day 4 was a transfer day, time to move camp downstream, the question was…. “How Far?” Make sure to check John’s post at:

We full packed it back to the tool stash which we had made the day before. It was then time to carry full packs and tools again. Every time we hit a work section, off came the packs. Lifting full packs on and off all day can be as hard as trail work.

It was much warmer today but with the trail running along Big Creek, we didn’t need to carry much water and could replenish our supply any time.

Cave creek coming in from the left.

Tommy demonstrates big rock removal.

By the end of the day, we had worked and packed all the way back to the airstrip. It was a long exhausting day but we felt great about getting our section done. We would be able to work down Big Creek and help the other team tomorrow.

Back at the airstrip, I was able to fetch my cached lens and start shooting proper photography again. These next three images are actually from the middle of the night. It was quite bright due to the moon but you can still make out the stars.

This image was taken about an hour after the moon set. A few more stars but check out the light on the hill from the moon. I’m guessing this was about 3:00 am.

Tomorrow’s report will include the reuniting with Team B…. otherwise know as The East Team.

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